Shop local. Play Games.
Get QBucks. Enjoy Exclusive Membership.

QClub is an interactive mobile app solution that brings small businesses together in a unique rewards program.... and so much more.

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How QClub Works

Shop in-store and online to get QBucks

QClub local stores participate in creating offers that value their products. QClub believes that every small business must have a ROI with every purchase made in-store or online. QClub rewards QBucks with every purchase at one of our small businesses. QClub delivers results with NO upfront charges or hidden costs!

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Play games to get QBucks

Play fun games and earn QBucks! Spin the wheel or hit that pesky Roger mole!

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Redeem your QBucks to get exclusive offers in our QCatalogue

Now that your wallet is filled with QBucks, its time to redeem them for incredible offers in the QCatalogue.

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Use your QBucks to enter QDreams and Instant Draws

Imagine winning an all expenses paid QDream trip to Africa or season passes to watch your favourite team. Imagine instantly winning a weekend getaway in Vegas with QClub QDreams and Instant draws.

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Shop. Play Games. Earn QBucks. Support Local Businesses.

QINGO Monthly QPons

QINGO is played like BINGO, you can win QBucks, prizes and more. Complete your card and you are automatically placed into a draw for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

Daily Offers

Visit other QClubs and check out their daily offers too.

QDoor Sticker

Just scan the QDoor Sticker on one of our businesses, and you can find the special of the day or week. No more need for sidewalk sandwich boards.


YES! Now you have 24/7 access to those new products and inventions that are only sold exclusively on TV.


QClubs' first interactive game features Roger Mole. Challenge yourself, and win prizes. Check your game ranking against other QMembers for the monthly grand prizes.


QMembers can spin everyday to win QBucks, prizes and entries into QDreams.

Instant Draws

Your local QManager will create instant draws, such as tickets to a game or a weekend of skiing. These draws only last a short time, so keep your eyes on the prize.


You could be photographing elephants in Africa, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea or strolling through Monaco, QDreams lets you dream BIG!!!!

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QClub News

Download the QClub app in early 2021

Consumers enjoy relevant offers AND huge rewards, all while supporting their community. Businesses finally have a partner that puts their success first.

QClub brings them together and everyone benefits!